Autumn Ahn

Narcissus & Echo

Medium: Live virtual performance,
Surface/Materials: 12min, Google
Hangout, Sunlight, Gold Mylar
2015, Istanbul/NYC

This piece was a live work shared for the Istanbul embassy of the WRONG Biennale as a portrait of contemporary conditions of self-obsession or solipsism. Referencing the classical mythology of Narcissus & Echo, the impossible reach of a shadowed hand for a floating golden face is pulled away by the scene’s disappearing natural light. Using the frame of Google hangout as a portal to video technology’s reinvented conditions of fantasy and inanimate perfection, this piece frames the quiet loneliness of a return to reality left behind.  


Presented in 3 parts as part of Space Debris’ group show, The Space of All Functions, part of WRONG Biennale 2015/2016.