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"a tall action is not a height"
performance exhibition
the chimney NYC
4.21 - 5.28.2017

opening friday, april 21 // 6:30-9:30pm
200 Morgan Ave, Brooklyn

The willingness of human fantasy and the function of turbulence in a vacuum

The Chimney is pleased to present “a tall action is not a height” by Autumn Ahn, curated by Anissa Touati. Referencing Gertrude Stein's chapter "ROOMS" from her anthology, Tender Buttons, Ahn's new performance work will bring into question the migration of borders and its resulting shifted territory.

THE CHIMNEY NYC is an exhibition and performance venue promoting local & international artists. Located in the heart of Brooklyn’s creative scene, the venue plays on the rawness of its industrial architecture. All works are commissioned to interact with the space, creating immersive environments and interactions with the viewers. In addition to its permanent exhibition space, The Chimney is developing offsite installations and exhibitions in the United-States and abroad.