Autumn Ahn
live stream link here

Domestications is a quiet piece in response to a question of how we can live through inescapable histories. When does a shadow become a reminder of our depth, and not darkness? Reflecting on the contradictory nature of domestic life I wonder how we can reestablish a connection to ourselves through those very shadows. In this piece I am exploring how stillness resonates differently for each of us as unique tensions in our emotional lives. When we are immersed in it, we are reminded of our banality and also our incredible sensitivity.

With that in mind, I am bringing together video, live-streaming, and performance to build a living collage. This Monday, August 31, at around 5pm EST, it will be presented as the closing event of the Area Code Art Fair. You can join us at this link, where it will be shared live that evening on their Youtube channel for approximately 20min. Please note that sunset may extend or delay the duration of the piece.

Domestications, 2020
Monday, Aug.31
5pm EST
~20min. livestream
Area Code Art Fair