⊕ This site is under reconstruction. Please find below a recent portfolio of selected works available to download that includes an artist statement and CV.

⊕ Due to the emergency situation, I will unfortunately not be attending Headland Art Center’s Project Space residency this Spring 2020.

⊕ I am currently based at the Department of Philosophy at Harvard University as a Visiting Fellow under the sponsorship of Professor Sean Torrance Kelly.

⊕ I regularly run an immersive listening and secondary poetry workshop entitled, Documentation as Poetic-Witness at the Robbin’s Library of Philosophy and actively work with curators, community organizers and others to coordinate presentations at different sites.

⊕ An experimental catalogue of my work “a tall action is not a height”, a performance presented at The Chimney NYC and curated by Anissa Touati in May of 2017 will be released this Spring 2019.

⊕ There will be a show of paintings-on-paper on view in Paris, France from 1 mars 2019 – 10 mars 2019 at Galerie 0fr. in the Marais. (20 Rue Dupetit-Thouars, 75003)


Portfolio available for Download

Click here: Ahn_Portfolio 2020