Autumn Ahn


performance | 10days | Stream Gallery, NY | 2014

Living in the gallery space for the entirety of this piece, Voy(age)ur, explored the limitations of embodied sensation of Internet communication in contrast to our unapologetically material world through durational video and live-streaming performances in the platform. Google Hangout’s interface became an artery of interaction and a witness to my private and daily rituals, ultimately helping me to establish conceptual foundations in my artwork tied to abstractions of physical life through its dynamic use.

The performance resulted in a collection of a series of objects. Four panels of sculptural painting entitled together as, Registrations 1-4, and a collection of collaborative writing from the typewriter activated by visitors and myself throughout the duration of the performance. .


Registration 1, 2014

Registration 2, 2014

Registration 3, 2014

Registration 4, 2014

Detail, Registration 1