Autumn Ahn

Tiles 1-7

This sculpture series, Tiles, makes reference to the perennial acts of building and preservation that takes place in human societies. Forging possible architectures to remove the past for the future, the industrialization of modern societies brutally and efficiently proposes a forward movement. This amnesiac optimism highlights what unfortunately happens to our material perspectives over time - they age. The tension between a fragile petal resisting the weight of the cement inspired me to consider the passing changes of our modern thought. That in spite of our industrial aims to push the past away, these tensions stay with us as reminders of a collective memory, no matter how delicate.

(in no particular order)
materials – cement, peonies, styrofoam, rope, terracotta, 25 used cigarettes, radish, clementine, pigment, poppies, caramelized onions, coffee

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