Autumn Ahn

Sous Vide

Presenting an allegorical consumption of beauty, this performed elegy of continuous motion transforms until the female body reaches a restrictive state. This live performance is both a review of the female form throughout histories and a reconstruction of an ephemerality present in totems of nostalgic practices.

The immediacy of this monument to female representation, still breathing, peers retroactively at its unsettled views of the gendered-body. Wrapped in a bed of white flowers, covered in lipstick, crowned with synthetic hair, the present materials in this performance both symbolically adorn and mummifies a living baroque statue.

Questioning to where the body has arrived today in the work's present literal context, the performance's demands of its own object-nature metaphorically harnesses the ritualistic act of putting it to rest, as the living move on. Making a commentary of the questions we ask of history's impact on our futures.
Sous Vide performance Autumn Ahn 2015

photo: Camille McOuat