Autumn Ahn

drawings for tomorrow

Immersed in the woodland enclosure of my surroundings, these months of little social contact have given me a dreamscape in my daily life. Informed by my encounters with unexpected evidence of other human activity in this rural retreat to nature, or the seasonal cycles of plant life, I am exposed to a part of my inner world that wants to hold on to that evidence. The patterns, textures of my natural and physical environment resemble the ethereal memories of how our senses reimagine the world around us. In the shadow of an increasingly mechanized/digitized world, the interior one is a reminder of how plural a human life is. The diversity of its emotions, its edges are like a wildlife or ecosystem that shift in ways that elude me. Working through the challenges of each drawing revealed distinct moods, I came to understand their unique interferences. The stark differences from one another are truly surprising, but feel less so when I think about the fraught conditions of our reality.

Working with drawing and ink has served my practice in many foundational ways. In my opinion, it allows for degrees of spontaneity I find also philosophically present in performance work. Drawing from life in these drawings, is a way to draw from memory and in doing so they reestablish my relationship to others, people close to my life and beyond.

Limited by my access to certain materials, I limited my palette with some formal parameters, the paper, calligraphy ink, a naphthol rouge light acrylic, and some range of the greyscale. I am continuing to produce them as I stay here.








drawings for tomorrow #1-8

quarantine work
Korean calligraphy ink, acrylic, Rives BFK, 30″x40″

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