Autumn Ahn

This video is an experimental documentation of the live performance, a tall action is not a height, by Autumn Ahn, curated by Anissa Touati, presented and installed as a month-long exhibition at The Chimney NYC in 2017.

The video aims to mirror the structuralist framework of the live performance through a focus on the recreation of time, volume and rhythm. The performance introduces the body as another variant in a world embedded with movement. In this preexisting turbulent world, the body becomes another object in space amidst its rushing projections of moving water, a kind of living inertia. Harnessing that momentum, the body encounters a sequence of tactile forms which respond with both direct and indirect action. The anxiety of this abstract piece is personified in these movements, destabilizing the beauty of the stage. At times the struggle of arising to a limitation reveals a choreographed metaphor for the struggle of a human desire for security and equilibrium.

This performance artwork was curated by Anissa Touati in 2016. It was presented inside The Chimney Gallery, a gutted power station on the Brooklyn River in Bushwick, NYC in 2017.

All footage is courtesy of CJ Baker, his team of videographers, and the artist.
Video editing Peter Ellis.
All rights belong to the artist, Autumn Ahn.

a tall action is not a height

live performance and solo exhibition, The Chimney NYC, 2017
dimensions: 23' x 23' x 29'
performance duration: 2h

Proposing the question what is a performance if there is no performer? What performs? Objects with no designated function were articulated through the performer’s repetitive encounters with gravity, surfaces, revealing their inherent sounds and their symbolic potential. A multimedia installation immersed the interior of the gallery as 4 video projections of rushing waves circumvented the ambiguous figure exploring a landscape. Through the piece, I reflect on the role of the psyche in our corporeal world. Inspired by the abstractions of language in the writing of Gertrude Stein and the practice of ascemic calligraphy, this performance centers around the intuitive experiences of automatic consciousness. To better assess the role of visible and invisible shifts in our relationships to reality, the performer waxes and wanes in the hidden spaces, seemingly trapped in a dimension of inertia. What kind of gravity supports us in our human search for security and equilibrium? What kind of alterations do we stand upon within the turbulence that sets our desires in motion? These figurative and literal questions suspended in this artwork elude domestication and yet, also create monuments of them. Uncovering an implicit grid of meaning as witnesses amidst the oneiric movements of time.

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Catalogue: [available for purchase, here]