Sous Vide
performance eulogy, 15min
0fr., Paris

(photos by Camille McQuat)

Presenting an allegorical consumption of beauty, the elegy of continuous motion from within the form alongside the body's eventual isolation, is both a review of the female form and a reconstruction of an ephemerality present in totems of nostalgic practices.

Wrapped in a bed of white flowers, this body becomes a standing mummified form. Covered in lipstick, crowned with synthetic hair, its symbolic materials both adorn and create a living romanesque statue. This monument, still breathing, peers retroactively to an antiquated and still present view of what a gendered-body means today. Questioning to where the body has arrived in the work's present literal context, its object-nature performs in the presence of its restful death.

materials: white flowers, string, small ceramic column, hair, gloves, 15 min.

below is a poem written in the form of a memorandum:
—in our forward motion, we shed images of ourselves as memories. as i become the image of a past self, i rupture this relationship to commemorate the marks we leave behind. —