Live Sound Piece in 5 Parts.
Sonic Landscape broadcast live through streaming exhibition site:
Centre National d'Art Contemporain Grenoble - curators at Session 24
Radio France
École du Magasin
Video Courtesy of : Nomad Images // ARTE

A sound piece in 5 parts: titled, "Sensational Stanzas" for five consecutive days (Friday, June 19 - Tuesday, June 24, 2015)for streaming radio broadcast exhibition.

A group of curators working with the Centre National d'Art Contemporain de Grenoble programmed a radio station through Campus Radio 90.8 & as an ephemeral exhibition site. I presented a new performance that was "seen" through the radio broadcast via sounds transmitted live.

The piece was arranged as metaphor for the psychological distance we create on a daily basis through our self projected images of identity. This visual sound & performance piece was experienced through the abstract sounds interlacing the feedback of multiple systems set up for a performative narrative landscape.

One performance for five consecutive days constructed the narrative guide below:

1. space & volume: the movement of air and body. seeing fabric, sweat, skin, hair, breath

2. sharpness: broken, present.

3. liquid: a covering, a second impermanent skin. cold & hot. ice and warm.

4. secondary self created: all elements sewn together and worn on body.

5. secondary self lifted: form lifted/removed from body.

ARTE (FR/DE) documented the work for and a few invited guests for each viewing.

CampusRadio (90.8) and are hosting the radio broadcast.
Official website for the exhibition here :
with live chatting available through the site during the public broadcasting.