Autumn Ahn (b. 1986, Philadelphia, USA) completed a BFA in Oil Painting, Art History and Printmaking from Boston University. Her recent exhibitions include: Cine Tonalá for Fería ARTBO (Bogota Art Fair), Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston; Centre National d’Art Contemporain-Grenoble; Istanbul Embassy, WRONG Biennale; Contemporary Istanbul; Maison du Portugal, Cité Universitaire, Paris; Art Basel, Miami for AIDS Action Committee; Montserrat College of Art & Design, and upcoming solo exhibition at The Chimney in Brooklyn, NY.

Her studio practice is largely multidisciplinary and research-based, using performance and video to address humanity's splintered relationship to histories and its fantastic capacity to layer meaning from disaster, rituals, and memory. Using both found and original imagery and sounds, her experiential pieces investigate the spectrums of distance present in live spaces through participatory content and materiality.

resides in NYC.

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Wherever art is shown, we should ask: what is the life of those works for the great majority who only encounter them second-hand? | Julian Stallabrass

[Stallabrass, Julian, Van Mourik Broekman, Pauline, and Ratnam, Niru. Locus Solus. London: Black Dog Publishing Limited, 2000, p.17]

photo: © Jonas Gustavsson