Current: Visiting Artist and Fellow in Philosophy at Harvard University, Cambridge, MA
under the direction of Dr. Sean Dorrance Kelly

Autumn Ahn (b. 1986, Philadelphia, USA) completed a BFA in Oil Painting, Art History and Printmaking from Boston University. Her recent exhibitions include: Cine Tonalá for Fería ARTBO (Bogota Art Fair), Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston; Centre National d’Art Contemporain-Grenoble; Istanbul Embassy, WRONG Biennale; Contemporary Istanbul; Maison du Portugal, Cité Universitaire, Paris; Art Basel, Miami for AIDS Action Committee; Montserrat College of Art & Design, and upcoming solo exhibition at The Chimney in Brooklyn, NY.

Autumn Ahn is a visual artist. Inspired by the mechanisms of movements and the embedded distortions in contemporary spaces, she has developed a multidisciplinary practice investigating the philosophical and psychological currents of live space through a performance-based art making. Composing with investigations into sensory forms and their ephemeralities, her “arrangement landscapes” search for evaluative conclusions through such themes as, public vs. private space, action as material and form, narratives in language, and the archaeological present. Developing work with a deeply intuitive framework, she has researched the idiosyncratic behaviors of socialization, rituals of mourning and contemporary communication habits. Looking to oneirology, psychologists and psychoanalysts who bring their work to a studio practice, contemporary and as well as contemporary media content, her volumetric and corporeal works approach installation, sound, video and works on paper.

currently resides in the US.


Wherever art is shown, we should ask: what is the life of those works for the great majority who only encounter them second-hand? | Julian Stallabrass

[Stallabrass, Julian, Van Mourik Broekman, Pauline, and Ratnam, Niru. Locus Solus. London: Black Dog Publishing Limited, 2000, p.17]

photo: © Jonas Gustavsson